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Glossary of Terms

Domain Name
The unique name that identifies your Internet site. For example:

(Electronic Mail) Messages, usually text, sent from one person to another via computer.

(Frequently Asked Questions) FAQs are documents that list and answer the most common questions on a particular subject. There are hundreds of FAQs on subjects as diverse as Pet Grooming and Cryptology. FAQs are usually written by people who have tired of answering the same question over and over.

(Graphic Interchange Format) A common format for image files, especially suitable for images containing large areas of the same color. GIF format files of simple images are often smaller than the same file would be stored in JPG format, but GIF format does not store photographic images as well as JPG. An example of a GIF image would be a company logo.

(Joint Photographic Experts Group) JPG is most commonly mentioned as a format for image files. JPG format is preferred to the GIF format for photographic images as opposed to line art or simple logo art.

Meta-tags are HTML tags that can be used to identify the creator of a web page, what HTML specifications an HTML page follows, the keywords and description of the page, etc. The most common uses of a meta-tag in online marketing are the keyword and description tags, which tell search engines that index meta-tags what description to use in their search query results.

Merchant Account To accept credits cards online a Merchant Account is required. This allows you to process credit card transactions and have funds transferred into your bank account automatically.

We are an authorized reseller for Authorize.Net, the leading provider of Internet-based transaction services. Noodleware will take care of all the work for you, including setting up the new account and integrating the proper code into the web site.

A form of communication combining text with graphics, page layout, video, audio, animation and so forth.

Security Certificate
A chunk of information (often stored as a text file) that is used by the SSL protocol to establish a secure connection. Security Certificates contain information about who it belongs to, who it was issued by, a unique serial number or other unique identification, valid dates and an encrypted "fingerprint" that can be used to verify the contents of the certificate.

When a Secure Shopping Cart is required, the client will need to purchase their own certificate. We recommend Verisign or Thawt for such certificates. A.M. Internet can assist in the purchase if neccessary.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
SSL technology is the highest level of security on the Internet. The Secure Sockets Layer protocol provides server authentication, data integrity and privacy on the web. SSL not only encrypts all information transmitted, but also verifies the identity of the server and the safe arrival of the original message.
Look for the on each secure page.

Webalizer® Web Stats
Webalizer is a program which reads your web site's log file and displays many different types of important information such as:

· Daily and Hourly Statistics
· Number of Hits (images and pages that were downloaded)
· Number of Unique Visitors
· Search Strings used to find your site
· Top Entry Pages and Exit Pages

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